How to Choose the Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing

Designing an online persona is not always as easy as influencers make it out to be. Especially if you are someone who does not have any former experience in the matter and is looking for the right way to market their brand online without wasting time, effort or money. People often think that consistent posting is enough to gather a market online but that is not the case. There is a lot of nuance, that goes into marketing your brand on social media platforms and a large part of that is picking the right platform to market on.

The More the Merrier

This is a theory often relied upon by various social media marketing managers that are hired to advertise a certain brand. The premise of this thought process is that the more platforms you use to advertise your product, the higher the chances of you increasing your numbers. Facebook and Instagram deal with a certain demographic that can not be found on Tumblr or Pinterest. If you are looking to attract a large number of people, make sure that you have a profile on all the major social media platforms to gain the most advantage.

Age Demographic

As mentioned earlier, if you are looking to attract a wide range of people, your safest bet is to manage a profile on all the social media platforms. However, if you have a certain understanding of the kind of people you want to attract in terms of age group, it may become easier for you to choose a platform and develop expertise regarding that platform. This way you will be able to appeal to your key demographic and create a loyal clientele that is focused on the product that you are selling.


Finally, there are different layouts on different social media platforms. You can take advantage of these differences to advertise your product in several ways to a large group of people. The layouts allow you to post pictures, or write captions that could guide people regarding your brand and what you are trying to portray. These layouts are the perfect way to depict your brand in a way that you think could be beneficial.


It is important to keep in mind that not all social media platforms work the same, so you should hire a professional that has expertise in this area.

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