How to Use Instagram for Social Media Marketing?

Instagram is quite an up-and-coming social media platform. In fact, it has been fresh and hot for a couple of years now. This kind of attraction towards a certain platform makes it the perfect opportunity to use it as a device to market your brand. Many online influencers have been using Instagram as their sole mode of earning which means that it is possible to make money off of Instagram. Advertising is a huge market that Instagram has sustained for a long time. However, there are some rules that you should follow to ensure that your advertising technique is successful and effective.

Switching to a Business Profile

The first step to establishing yourself on Instagram is to switch your account to a business profile. This is a simple task that people should do, but because of the lack of information surrounding social media marketing, people tend to skip this very necessary step and jump right in to posting content. Switching to a business profile opens a whole new world for you. You are capable of advertising your product across the platform regardless of whether people follow you or not. You can also gain information regarding the statistics of how your posts are doing through the option of “insights”. This allows you to make future decisions, keeping in mind what exactly it is that attracts traffic and modify the way you post accordingly.

Creating Sponsored Ads

Creating sponsored ads is a very important second step of advertising your brand on Instagram. The way you can do this is by first gauging what is your target audience from the insights. This will give you a better understanding of how to design your posts. However, people often tend to waste their sponsored ads by advertising them to a large market. Focus your market on a set number of people who you believe will actually be interested in your product.

Using Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags that are not only relevant to your product, but also relevant to Instagram traffic can be tricky. But once you are able to generate a popular hashtag, it will become quite simple for you to get a target audience to interact with your posts. It is increasingly important to use hashtags that are also relevant on Instagram as a whole because that is what the audience will commonly search for on Instagram.


It is necessary to know the works before you get into completely spending all your budget on Instagram ads. There is a science behind it that you shouldn’t forget.

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