Laws of Social Media Marketing

Since there is a method to the madness in any type of task, social media is no different. Social media has portrayed itself to be one of those easy breezy forms of advertisement, and to an extent that may be true. However, it isn’t as easy to develop an online persona as people are lead to believe. It is especially important to have a structure in mind when you are advertising your brand to a large audience. These are some tips and tricks that you can follow in order to make sure that your decisions do not lead you astray.


First and foremost, we have accessibility. Usually when people look for their products online, they do not want to go through a maze and a half to find something that fits their standards. Find a way to make yourself thoroughly accessible, especially to the audience you are looking to attract.


Reciprocity is an important part of developing an online persona. A lot of the times e-commerce businesses suffer because they lack the element of humanization in their brand. This can be made possible by interacting with potential customers that leave a comment or a question on your post.

Quality Control

This is a very necessary part of advertising yourself on social media. Many influencers believe that simply by posting as often as they can, they will develop an audience but that is quite far from the truth. It is imperative that the content you post is relevant and good quality, otherwise you will lose the followers you have because you weren’t able to provoke their interest.

Patience is Necessary

You can’t start a social media account one day and expect to have 10,000 followers by that afternoon. Spend time in enhancing your online persona through these platforms and the world will come around soon enough.

Using Multiple Platforms

It is important that you incorporate more than one social media platform in your social media marketing strategy. Contrary to popular belief, social media is quite interconnected. So much, so that you can even use one social media platform to gain traffic for another social media platform.


Following these laws is quite an important aspect of advertising your brand on social media. Going haywire and posting every which way because you think it may give you the traffic that you need is quite a blunt way of going about it. Structure and consistency is everything.

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