This is Why Facebook is Still More Important Than Ever

For a while there, it was beginning to feel like Facebook had completely lost its charm. People would no longer go to Facebook to check up on their peers. Instead, they would opt for a more recent and current form of social media. However, with social media advertising, surfacing and finding a way in the world, Facebook may be restoring its former glory. These are some reasons why you shouldn’t leave out Facebook when advertising your product on social media. There is no better time than now to utilize Facebook to the best of its abilities.

A Large Population Uses Facebook

I don’t think people realize it but regardless of the content, a very vast population of the world has been using Facebook for quite some time now. 2.8-Billion people to give an estimate use Facebook on a daily basis. This type of majority is not present on many platforms including the famous social media platforms. In fact, because of its resurfacing popularity, a large number of potential users are supposed to be coming onto Facebook because of the services that they provide. This is the perfect opportunity for companies and brands to invest time and money into Facebook.

Profit From Advertising on Facebook

For quite some time now, various brands have been using Facebook as the holy grail platform for them to be able to establish themselves and their company. Because of the traffic and large populous, people find it easy to advertise on Facebook and have it reach a wide audience. An estimate of about 20 hours a month are generally spent on Facebook by its users, this amounts to quite a lot of time that can be dedicated to these people witnessing your advertisements. This means nothing but profit for the brands and advertisers.

Advertisement Devices

A very important aspect of Facebook that makes it so important for people looking to advertise using social media is the fact that it has tools and devices that people can use to gauge the kind of traffic they are getting and what kind of audience they should be designing their posts for. Facebook allows you to check which post did well and then create their posts accordingly.


Facebook is not as obsolete as a few people like to think it is. People still use Facebook and it is an excellent tool for brands and companies to advertise themselves.

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