What is Digital Marketing? Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Pakistan

Digital Marketing: 

The word digital prefers “Online” or “technology”, usually every person knows where the word “digital” will use there must be some technology involved. The term marketing refers “to engage or grab the audience” so in a very simple way, the use of the internet and technology to do marketing known as Digital Marketing. It looks simple but it is the trickiest thing to do because in digital marketing you need to get attention not the world but for those people who want your attention and manage them to sustain with your brand. For this purpose, digital marketing resists 5Ds in it, by following them digital marketing will be the most interesting thing you are doing in your life. The 5Ds are given below:

  • Digital Platforms:Where the audience can interact, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn etc.
  • Digital Data: This helps you to collect information about your clients and their interests which help you to grow.
  • Digital Technology: You must be aware of digital technology in which you build your business website or mobile application.
  • Digital Devices:Through which your audience will connect like mobile, tablets, and laptops, etc. which is important for user experience.
  • Digital Media:Which helps you to increase communication between audience through advertising, email, and chatting for engaging and reaching audience globally.

These above 5Ds are important for almost every marketing strategy. Nowadays businesses doing various kind of marketing and apply different types of digital marketing strategies but some common and most evolving strategies are mentioned here:

Digital Marketing Strategies

Conversion Rate Optimization:

CRO use in the business to increase user experience, it is the combination of art and science through which business increase their conversions like chats, leads, in short website traffic.

Pay Per Click Advertising:

Pay per click is basically the paid marketing strategy in which you pay per result you get. It is the most effective way to target your potential audience who are exactly searching for your type ofbrands.

Native Advertising:

Native marketing is a little bit harder to spot, usually, it goes under content marketing, for example at the end of the article you will see some suggested articles are mentioned that’s native marketing.

Email marketing:

It is the oldest technique of digital marketing and still businesses are doing that. Through emails promote an event or do marketing with the content.

Affiliate marketing:

In affiliate marketing, you are paying to someone else to promote your brand on their platforms. The promoter could be a brand or business anything.

Social Media Ads:

This is also like Google PPC ads, you pay to Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or any other social platforms to put your ad on.

Digital Marketing Agencies

So, after learning digital marketing and its strategies, and you decided to apply in your business. Now the next step is to think about that either you take this as an own project or hire any other digital marketing agency for the processing. As a business owner, there are so many activities you are handling but every business has different conditions, usually in a lot of cases outsourcing of digital marketing agencies proves very effective the reasons are given below:

  1. The first reason to hire a digital agency is the expertise they know what kind of strategy you need and how it will positively affect your business.
  2. The second and most important reason as a business owner is cost-friendly, because in a single amount you can access the team of professionals whatever your business is and how much longer your tasks are.
  3. The third reason and the most sensitive reason is time; they have a lot of time than you. They give you enough time to complete the target and give you results although if you try yourself you will never meet the timelines. They also have various tools for that.
  4. The last but not the least reason which is feasibility, every business have their things, not a single thing can entertain your needs or fulfil your requirements so agencies make friendly packages which match almost most of the organization needs to bring out you the best results.

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Pakistan 

Many agencies in Pakistan are doing amazingly in their fields and try their best to entertain their clients and customers but due to the latest updates, there are following top 10 Agencies who are working effectively to satisfy their customers and make the digital world a better place.

  1. Boundless Technologies
  2. SUF Digital
  3. Rankistan
  4. SEO Biz world
  5. Virrgo Tech
  6. SerpPlayer
  7. PNC solutions
  8. ARCO- Digital Marketing Agency
  9. Limecom
  10. Dynamologic Solutions

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